Volunteer Opportunities

The Old Florida Celebration of the Arts is well known for its friendly hospitality which could not be possible without our wonderful volunteers. Listed below are some ways you can help on festival weekend along with some general information about the qualifications and responsibilities of each opportunity. If you are interested in helping, contact us at CedarKeyArtsFestival@gmail.com.

  Information Booth 

o   Qualifications: cheerful, can-do attitude when dealing with visitors; ability to handle cash; familiarity with Cedar Key and the community and able to tolerate 3-hour shift in warm weather

o   Responsibilities: sell t-shirts and posters; provide helpful information; be able to use radio to communicate with headquarters (instruction provided)

o   Volunteers Needed: 2 volunteers/3-hour shift. (4/day, total 8/weekend)

o   Shifts: 10 am – 4 pm daily

Block Captains/Booth Sitters

o   Qualifications: positive helpful attitude that relays confidence in dealing with artists and public; ability to walk up & down a city block most of the 2.5-3-hour shift

o   Responsibilities: walk assigned area of the venue in an effort to provide artists with the opportunity to use the restroom, get food while you watch their booth, and provide assistance as needed

o   Volunteers Needed:  2 volunteers/block/3-hour shift (12/day, total 24/weekend. This position is great for couples and friends and a great way to get to know the artists.

o   Shifts: 10:30-4:30 daily

Art in the Park

o   Qualifications: good with kids, willing to get a little messy, creative & fun loving

o   Responsibilities: encourage kids to have fun painting

o   Volunteers Needed: 3 volunteers/2.5-shift (6/day, total of 12/weekend)

o   Shifts: 11am – 4 pm daily


 Artist Breakfasts

o   Qualifications: cheerful early-bird who can function fairly independently

o   Responsibilities: assist CKAC board member set up coffee, tea, & continental breakfast

o   Volunteers Needed: 2 volunteers each morning (3/weekend)

o   Shifts:  Saturday 6:30 – 9:30 am; Sunday 7-10 am

Artist Reception and Awards Ceremony

o   Food Preparation and Set-up (Friday):

- Qualifications: ability to work with others

- Responsibilities: wash and prepare food and serving items: set up as directed by committee chairmen (ability to be flexible based on weather predictions)

- Volunteers Needed: 3

- Shift: Friday morning (~10 am – 1pm)

o   Food Serving and Clean-up (Saturday):

- Qualifications: ability to work with others, comfortable with stairs & elevator: greeters – friendly and welcoming

- Responsibilities: greet guests; serve and restock food; assist with cleanup.

- Volunteers Needed: 4 not including OFCA Working Committee Members.

- Shifts: Saturday (4 pm – 7 pm)

  Set-up and Take Down

o   Qualifications: reasonably strong and fit (men and women welcome)

o   Responsibilities: carrying folding tables, chairs, hand-sanitizer stands; help set-up tents and assist artists in unloading or loading upon request; hanging, distributing and collecting signs/banners

o   Volunteers Needed: 8 Friday Night; 4 Saturday Morning, 8 Sunday Evening (capable bodies willing to help with both set-up and take-down is greatly appreciated)

o   Shifts: Friday (6- 9 pm); Saturday (6:30-9:30 am); Sunday (4-7 pm)

General Information for ALL Volunteers: 

Parking: Unfortunately, parking is a challenge for all of us. It is best for you to leave your car at home and either be dropped off, walk, bike or use a golf cart if available.

Volunteer Headquarters & Hospitality: Located at the Cedar Key Arts Center, 457 2nd St. Please check in 15 minutes early to pick up your name badge and review your assignments.  This allows us to know you are present and make adjustments as needed. If you can’t come, please call us at 352-5430-5400 ASAP.

Our volunteer and artist hospitality center is located at the Cedar Key Arts Center.  Please come on in to cool off, rehydrate, grab a snack or use the private restrooms upstairs (which are not open to the general public).  

Volunteer Perks: By volunteering you will experience a one-of-a kind behind-the-scenes opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation for the artists and their award-winning artwork. Volunteers are the backbone of the festival and we hope to say our thanks by:

                  • Hosting a Volunteer Informational Gathering the week before festival

                  • Offering Festival T-shirts to Volunteers at half price

                  • Offering a Festival Poster to all Volunteers

                  • Welcoming Volunteers to the Patrons Lounge hosted by Norm and Janice Fugate Festival Weekend

Really Into It?

Join the Cedar Key Arts Center - OFCA Working Committee 

The Old Florida Celebration of the Arts Working Committee is made up of Cedar Key Arts Center Board Members and other fun-loving, hard-working members of our committee.  If you are interested in joining in the fun and becoming part of the Old Florida Celebration of the Arts Working Committee, let us know!

Proceeds from the Old Florida Celebration of the Arts benefit the


The Arts Center is a non-profit 501C (3) organization dedicated to

nurturing and encouraging the arts in our community.


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